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About Us

Our History

Established in 1835 by brothers James and George Steuart, George Steuart & Co., stands proud today as the oldest mercantile establishment in Sri Lanka and in the world. Today 180 plus years later George Steuart & Co ., is proud to be a dynamic conglomerate with operations in Tea, Pharmaceuticals, Travel, Construction, Insurance Brokerage, Aviation, Recruitment, Investments, Manufacturing, Trading and Information Technology. In its span of nearly two centuries George Steuart & Co., has made immense contributions to establish Sri Lanka as one of world’s foremost producers of finest quality teas. The company has paid great attention to maintaining its distinction from the rich British traditions it finds its roots in, a testament of which is the company’s dedication to preserving the artistry of tea making, exacting the standards of the British Empire and its aristocratic flair blended with the signature goodness of pure Ceylon tea. A SINGLE ORIGIN TEA renowned the world over for its excellence, sourced from the lush tea gardens of the hill country where handpicked tea buds and leaves are transformed into the aromatic indulgence that is “Steuarts Tea”. Vivaciously full-bodied, distinctly flavoured, and abundant in nutrients, Steuart Teas hark back to that era when Ceylon tea delighted the senses of the British noblemen. Savour a cuppa’ history with us if only because no one knows a cup of tea like Steuarts teas, the original ‘Ceylon Tea’ people.


Our Company

George Steuarts Philippines Inc. is a subsidiary of George Steuart & Co., a corporate house with a history of over 180 years in Colombo, Sri-Lanka. George Steuarts Phil. Inc. became the first Filipino-Sri-Lankan company primarily engaged in the marketing of pure Ceylon tea in the Philippines. The company has adopted an open policy of marketing other Sri-Lankan products that may find good marketability in the Philippines.

This also includes the marketing of Philippine products that may be feasible to the Sri-Lankan market. Incorporated in December 1989, George Steuarts Phil. Inc. has a 60% Filipino and 40% Sri-Lankan equity.

Housed at the Penthouse level of JBC-Clarion building owned by one of the incorporators, George Steuarts Phil. Inc. holds office at 174 A. Bonifacio Avenue, Marikina City. The company is managed by a team of professional and passionate members who believe in offering the best to its customers. Since the launch of our brand “Steuarts” these packs of Ceylon Teas have continued to make their presence known to the constantly growing market of tea-drinkers.

Our Vision

We are firmly committed to our dream of seeing more and more Filipino Tea-Drinkers turn to their Tea, in the same way that coffee drinkers turn to their coffee. George Steuarts Philippines, Inc. endeavors to be a contributor in promoting good health and physical well being to the Filipino Consumer, by offering high quality, pure and all-natural Ceylon Tea products at affordable prices, and by increasing the Filipino Consumer’s awareness of the many health-related benefits derived from drinking tea.


Our Mission

George Steuarts Phil. Inc. takes every opportunity to make “STEUARTS TEA” synonymous to the excellent graded tea, harvested and processed from the vast and World-Renown Tea Estates of Ceylon.

We take deep pride in our affiliation with our Sri-Lanka-based George Steuart Group of Companies, a multinational company with a very rich cultural heritage of over 180 years plus.

We believe in providing Quality Service tailored to suit the needs of our clients, at the most reasonable price. We further believe that the growth of our people is our ultimate gain.